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Meet the Worldsensing team

Ignasi Vilajosana

CEO & Co-Founder of Worldsensing


Worldsensing Team

Smart City Experts


Learn from fellow Smart Cities

Los Angeles, Barcelona, Singapore: Over 60 cities around the globe use our technology to monitor & manage mobility, parking, traffic, and security. 

November 13-15, 2018 9 am - 7 pm | Booth #411 Gran Via Venue, Barcelona


Over the last years, we have been working to make cities smarter and more resilient. Our Smart City technology provides a fast-track stream for cities to go smart. 
What type of meeting are you looking for?
  • I'd like to find out what Worldsensing does in general.
  • I'm interested in a specific product or service.
  • I'd like to understand how other cities use IoT technology and would like for your team to take me through Worldsensing's success stories such as the mobility optimization initiative in Bogota, the LA Metro parking project or the Grand Paris metro extension.
  • I'd like to get a demo of your Smart City IoT solution.
  • I'd like to share the challenges we are currently facing with your consultants to understand how technology could help us solve them.

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