The small and powerful Loadsensing wireless data node

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Why pick the Piconode?

Here are the top 3 reasons why


Up to 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles.

Small and powerful

Can be discreetly installed at worksites and is able to read a broad range of sensors monitoring ground anchors, cracks, pressure, temperature, among others.

Convenient and affordable

Easy to install and does not need cabling; only minimal investment required.

Piconode Application Areas

Soil retention
& stabilization

Digitize ground anchors installed on retaining walls for excavations, rock face and slope stabilization.


Monitor displacements of bridge joints, cracks on monuments, buildings or other valuable assets before they cause bigger problems or disasters.


Connect the Piconode with flowmeters to optimize dewatering processes and monitor the load of rock bolts in critical areas.

Why we developed the Piconode

Ignasi Vilajosana, CEO and co-founder of Worldsensing.

“Loadsensing is a well known system, but we want to continue disrupting the construction industry. The Piconode is another step towards fully digitizing construction and mining monitoring.”

Read the Piconode Data Sheet for the full specifications

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Expand your business portfolio

Piconode + Sensor Bundle
Be a truly connected device vendor

Pioconode is a great opportunity to expand your existing product portfolio by packaging your sensor with a wireless node.

Other Piconode Application Areas

Do you have other application areas that you would like to explore? Get in touch with us